Mombasa Lagoon

Mombasa Lagoon


In the center of Nairobi Village you’ll find Mombasa Lagoon, surrounded by paths, wooden walkways, and a simulation of a Congo River fishing village. This peaceful and scenic watering hole is home to pelicans, storks, shoebills, and ducks, along with migratory bird visitors like herons and egrets.

The fishing village structure dominates the north end of the Lagoon. Look for the hand-woven, conical traps, similar to those used by villagers to fish the racing current on the Congo River. Smaller fish slip through the slats, but the bigger ones get caught! If you'd like a real bird's-eye view, just climb up the tower for a fantastic look at Nairobi Village and the Lagoon. Don't worry if you see birds flying away. Migrating birds such as mallards, pintails, and ring-tailed ducks pay a visit here on their journeys.

About 150 birds, representing 20 to 25 species, live here. You'll see pelicans, storks, cormorants, ducks, and local "freeloaders" such as great blue herons and egrets. Scattered around the lagoon area are paths and walkways to several animal exhibits and fun things for children to explore. Kids can climb into a replica of an aardvark's den, or hop on springy life-like lily pads. There is even an area on the east side of the Lagoon where you can pilot small radio-controlled boats!

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